These beers are some of my favorites, either rare in my eyes or having sentimental value from some of my first beers.


The bottle 3rd from the right with the silver foil at the top was very popular in Kailua in 1981.


In the late 1970's Mickeys came with a pull tab. Note there aren't any threads on the bottle on the left. Luckily the combination of alcohol and razor sharp metal caused the manufacturer to rethink that.

lowenbrauThumbNail mickeysThumbNail


Dry, Red, and Ice beers were quite the fad for a while and Coors made all of them. Their Extra Gold version from the late 1980s was very popular with my Uncle Harry who had to be particular since the doctor had limited him to two a day.

And yes, that's a Barry Sanders Coors bottle on the left. I've been a Detroit Lions fan for many years, as painful as its been.


Living in Hawaii I've made a lot of good Primo finds over the years. Starting with the blue bottle 3rd from the left we have...

  • 2008: The latest edition
  • 1976: Two bottles (top band is different) with a blue label and gold border
  • 1965: The 12 and 16 ounce versions of the white label with gold border
  • 1943: The most faded of the bunch. The original label background was yellow
  • 1955: Also faded. The Primo text had a red outline like one to the right
  • 1959: Lots of scratches but the colors have lasted remarkable well

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St. Paulies

The St. Paulies bottles are arranged from oldest to the newest on the right. Is it my imagination or has she gotten better looking over the years?


I have just under 50 Budweiser bottles, to say nothing of Bud Dry, Bud Ice, Bud Ice Light, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Wheat, long necks, those with olympic sponsor stamps, etc.

The one on the right is pretty old, I believe from the 70s while the one next to it is from the turn of the century, the Mellennium version. The ones in the middle have customized labels which Bud did for some of their markets. Shown are Hawaii (different versions), Texas, and Alaska. I've heard there are a total of five, and New York is one of them, but I haven't seen them.

stpauliesThumbNail budsThumbNail

Coors Winterfest

Coors may not make their special Winterfest during the holidays anymore, and I certainly haven't been able to find it here in Hawaii, but I used to look forward to those bottles. The oldest on the left is from 1987. The newest I've been able to find is from 2000.

Sierra Nevada Christmas

I first saw these bottles in 2000 and have all but one since. Unfortunately I wasn't diligent in looking for them every year and am missing the bottle from 2001.

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